PATCHMASTER NEXT is a driving program for amplifiers, especially with controlling features for EPC 10 USB (Single, Double, Triple and Quadro) amplifiers. Further, surrounding components like temperature controllers, perfusion systems or other third-party devices can be managed by PATCHMASTER NEXT.

One of the biggest changes you might immediately realize when starting PATCHMASTER NEXT the first time is its change in the graphical user interface. The change in the graphical user interface and the preserved workflow should facilitate the transition of new and old PATCHMASTER users to PATCHMASTER NEXT.

PATCHMASTER NEXT orginates from the PATCHMASTER software and represents the next level of development of our famous patch clamp software. The first versions of PATCHMASTER NEXT may not include new features but intends to cover the full functionality of its precursor in a short time. Thereafter, we will include more new features and alleviations to make it even more powerful.

Are you interested in getting to know more about PATCHMASTER NEXT? Join our webinar and find infos here!


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