Register for the Neurotechnology “Monday Webinars” by g.tec

We are happy to invite you to our “Monday webinars” that has been around since Covid started. The webinars will cover technology and studies

NBT’s activity during the COVID-19 situation

NBT Keeps on working while taking health measures   בימים לא פשוטים אלו, אי הוודאות גבוהה וכולנו נדרשים לתעצומות נפש. חברת NBT תמשיך על

recoveriX results: Improving motor functions 24 years after stroke BY g.Tec

Anita Rebernik had a stroke 24 years ago when she was 27 years old. The stroke affected here left side. Read the interview with Christoph Guger

MEA Multiwell Applications BY MCS

Overview The Multiwell-MEA-System is designed to run simple, standardized experiments with high throughput, and analyze all replicates in one go. The Multiwell-MEAs are best

Live Cell Imaging – Application guide by ibidi

After finalizing the new application website on „Live Cell Imaging”, we also produced the corresponding Application Guide:       In this downloadable PDF