Belgian neurologist wins €1m prize for work on serious brain trauma

Generet prize will fund more trials by Steven Laureys to help written-off ‘vegetative’ patients Jennifer Rankin in Brussels from The Guardian  Steven Laureys has won the

recoveriX results: Improving motor functions 24 years after stroke BY GTEC

Anita Rebernik had a stroke 24 years ago when she was 27 years old. The stroke affected here left side. Read the interview with Christoph Guger

Zebrafish help us to Understand neurodegenerative and neuromascular diseases BY NOLDUS

Posted by L. VAN ZUTPHEN, a Noldus blog Swimming against the stream: zebrafish help us to understand neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases like Parkinson’s Teresa

Research to understand air pollution’s effect on public health ongoing BY DSI

by Sara Kruper, a DSI blog Air pollution is always a hot topic in the news and can be controversial, but what does the

MEA Multiwell Applications BY MCS

Overview The Multiwell-MEA-System is designed to run simple, standardized experiments with high throughput, and analyze all replicates in one go. The Multiwell-MEAs are best