RMS noise values, Red Star Headstage EPC 10 vs. EPC 9 Headstage:

  • 1 kHz 31 fA vs 35 fA
  • 3 kHz 72 fA vs 90 fA
  • 5 kHz 120 fA vs 150 fA

Older EPC 10 and EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifiers can be retrofitted with the new Red Star Headstage.


  • Improved noise performance in the important 1 – 10 kHz band
  • Three feedback resistors for three gain ranges, switchable during the measurement
  • Optimized for single-channel and whole-cell recordings
  • Quiet enough for the most demanding single channel applications
  • Retrofittable on older EPC 10 Amplifiers


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