Several solutions from one outlet or one feed directed into different outlets.

Use the MUX Distribution valve to sequentially inject up 12 different solutions into one microfluidic line for sample collections or parallel experiments.

  • Low internal volume
  • Fast switching time
  • Workflow microfluidic automation
  • Smooth switches:  no disruption of the flow
  • Easy setup and operation (plug and play software + standard fluidic connection)

Bidirectional 13 ports/ 12 positions sequential injection from 12 different samples into 1 output/input

Mux Distribution Valve, fluid switching in a microfluidic chip

Key advantages

  • Valve flexibility: 13 ports
  • Easy setup: standard ¼-28 fluidic fittings
  • Possibility to chose the sense of rotation
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Lowest internal volume: 3.5 µL
  • No dead volume
  • Switching time (average): 156 ms
  • Wetted materials: PCTFE, PTFE


    NEW 12/1 valve
Category Parameter Value
Performances Port to port switching time (ms) 156 ms
Max recommended pressure 7 bar
Internal diameter 0.5 mm
Internal volume(1) 3.5 µL
Carryover volume(2) 1.7 µL
Dead volume (3) None
Wetted materials PCTFE, PTFE
Number or ports 13
Number of positions 12
Operating temperature 5-40°C
Operating Humidity 20-70% noncondensing
  1. Volume inside the system from entrance to exit
  2. Volume of liquid that will be mixed with the next liquid. It is not stuck, but will be swept next time a liquid passes.
  3. Volume that is stuck in the system (dead end), which is not clearly swept and relies on diffusion to clear out


Do you know how to perform multiple liquid switching in microfluidics?

For more information on how to perform a stable and precise flow switch, please check out our dedicated sequential fluid injection pack!


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