Piezoelectric technology

Best performance & affordable: Piezoelectric Technology

The OB1 MK4  by Elveflow is the only microfluidic flow control system in the world to use piezoelectric regulators,

enabling a flow control that is 20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the other flow controllers on the market



ob1 microfluidic flow controllerCustomizable & upgradable: 1 Module, up to 4 channels, 5 pressure  & vacuum ranges available

The OB1 MK4  can be configured, and upgraded at a later date, in any way you want,

with up to 4 pressure and/or vacuum channels (and more as custom) on one piece of equipment.

BFS flow sensor microfluidics

  • Fastest flow rate control when paired with a flow sensor
  • You can connect a standard liquid flow rate sensor (MFS)or our premium
  • Coriolis flow sensor (BFS, suited to both liquid and gas) to your
  • OB1 MK4  to control directly the flow rate in your chip. The system continuously calculates the
  • pressure to apply in order to maintain the desired flow rate.

Sensor reading unit for Elveflow products with softwareFull control software & SDK

A single and intuitive software to get started in a few clicks and further automate the most complex and long lasting experiments. The SDK libraries to control the OB1 MK4 with your own code and involve third parties instrument are also available.


OEM version available

The OB1 MK4  can be used on a bench setup and also embedded in your own product.

Elveflow has a solution for every step of your research & development.  Discover our OB1 MK4 OEM solution.


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