What is recoveriX?

Motor Rehabilitation After Stroke

recoveriX is the first rehabilitation system for stroke patients that pairs mental activities with motor functions. The brain receives visual and tactile feedback in real-time, and that is what makes rehabilitation so effective. For example, if a stroke patient imagines a hand movement while receiving visual feedback through a virtual avatar, and tactile feedback through electrical muscle stimulation at the same time, then these patients might regain the ability to grasp again.

The activation of both sensory and motor functions is caused by mirror neurons. This stimulates brain plasticity and the brain will be supported in learning new ways to move the affected limbs again. The unique approach of recoveriX leads to a much higher level of motivation for the patient and rehabilitation is most effective.  Repeated training increases the healing of the brain and leads to faster recovery from stroke-caused impairment.

The recoveriX system includes all components required to perform training, classifier generation, virtual-reality neurofeedback and functional muscle stimulation. It can be set up quickly, and is very easy to operate, making it a practical tool for daily use with patients.

Movement is a huge part of life!

A stroke can impair your ability to move and thus your quality of life

Every year, around 15 million people suffer a stroke. About one third of these people don´t survive, while another third suffer ongoing physical impairment. Often, standard therapy is too slow or ineffective to help patients regain satisfying control of the hand or foot.

recoveriX supplements standard therapy with the chance for a quicker and more successful recovery. Also, when standard therapy can no longer yield any further benefit, recoveriX provides a second chance for improvement.


What is recoveriX?

recoveriX is a new kind of therapy, which is developed for the rehabilitation of the hand or foot after stroke. This method can be used for acute as well as chronic stroke rehabilitation.

A Success Story

Mrs. Brandstätter  suddenly suffered a stroke. It came without warning, and left her right arm completely paralyzed. After participating in recoveriX-therapy, she was soon able to move her right arm again. recoveriX uses state-of-the-art neurotechnology that leads to success even in the case of chronic disorders. We had the chance to talk with Mrs. Brandstätter after she had completed recoveriX therapy.

Watch the interview:


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