g.Nautilus RESEARCH is a wearable EEG headset for research applications only. This means that it’s less expensive and intended to be used for neuroscience research only. It comes with flexible cables to configure the EEG electrode positions as you wish. A hybrid (dry and wet) EEG electrode version and a gel EEG electrode version with 8/16/32/64 EEG channels are available for any kind of neurological and neuroscience research.


64/32/16/8 g.SAHARA hybrid EEG electrodes for dry or wet recordings
64/32/16/8 g.SCARABEO gel based EEG electrodes
Flexible EEG electrode positioning
g.GAMMAcaps for kids and adults available
24 bit accuracy at 250/500 Hz sampling rate (8/16/32 channels), use only one device in one room with 500 Hz
24 bit accuracy at 250 Hz sampling rate (64 channels)
6 hours (64 channels), 10 hours (8, 16, 32 channels) continuous recording and 2-3 hours charging
2.4 GHz digital transmission, range: 10 meters indoor
A new benchmark in usability
The only wearable headset with active EEG electrode technology
Unique internal impedance check for g.SCARABEO electrodes
Waterproof device with contactless charging
Full software environment available
To be used for research applications only
Combine g.Nautilus Research with g.SENSOR fNIRS to record EEG and fNIRS with a single head-set


Weight < 140 g without electrode grid (64 channels) < 110 g without electrode grid (8, 16, 32 channels)
Size 78 (L) x 60 (W) x 36 (H) mm (64 channels) 78 (L) x 60 (W) x 26 (H) mm (8, 16, 32 channels)
Color Black
Sensitivity ±2.25 V, ±1.125 V, ±750 mV, ±562,5 mV, ±375 mV, ±187.5 mV (software selectable)
Interface Wireless 2.4 GHz ISM band
Digital inputs 8 digital trigger inputs at Base Station
Supply Built-in lithium ion battery, runtime > 6 h with 64 channels (> 10 h with 8/16/32 channels), inductive charging according to the QI standard of the Wireless Power Consortium
Amplifier type Real DC coupled
64 × ADC 24 Bit (1.024 MHz internal sampling per channel)
Noise level < 0.6 µV RMS between 1 and 30 Hz (at highest input sensitivity)
Input channels Up to 64 mono-polar / 32 bi-polar channels with GND and REF (software selectable)
Input impedance DC > 100 MOhm
Safety class II


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