NIRSport2 Advantages

Modularity and Scalability

  • Modularity in divisions of 8 sources 8 detectors
  • Exceptional scalability from 8 – 80 sources and 8 – 80 detectors. The base device comes in 8 x 8 and 16 x 16.
  • Up to 5 devices can be fully synchronized.

Signal Quality

Short distance channels within spring holders

Short distance channels within spring holders

  • High powered dual LEDs 32mW maximum illumination / optional next generation APD detectors with down to 33 pW sensitivity.
  • Proprietary automated ultra-fast source and detector specific signal optimization.
  • Variable tension spring holders offering optimal scalp coupling and comfort.
  • Full array short-distance detectors available.
  • Probe-level 9-axis accelerometer(s).

Signal quality is assured by our high-powered dual-tipped LEDs in combination with our variable tension Spring holders offering optimal scalp coupling along with our high performance SiPD or next generation APD detectors. Provisions for addressing extracerebral sources of confound include literature-recommended 8mm short-distance detectors with full array/head placement, as well as probe-level 9-axis accelerometry.

High-density arrangement with 48 sources and 48 detector arrangement with 3 connected fNIRS NIRSport2 devices.

High-density arrangement with 48 sources and 48 detector arrangement with 3 connected fNIRS NIRSport2 devices.


  • Specialized solutions for various applications and modalities; EEG, VR, TMS, MRI, VR etc.
  • Lightweight & compact form factor ~900 grams.
  • Wireless connection and onboard storage for tetherless recordings.

The NIRSport2 has been designed as a research platform from the ground up, yet with motion and movement in mind. Integration solutions are provided. Sporting a small form factor (162 mm x 125 mm x 60 mm) and weighing in at just 900 grams, it offers considerable versatility in motion-based applications. Furthermore fixation and integration solutions are provided for those applications involving other modalities, such as EEG, VR, and MRI*.


Aurora fNIRS Recording Software

The NIRSport2 comes together with Aurora fNIRS: our innovative software platform designed to maximize user-friendliness, flexibility and intuitive workflow.

In just a few clicks, Aurora fNIRS allows you to set-up a complete experimental configuration. The automated signal optimization algorithm ensures optimal signal quality before a measurement is started. Once data is being recorded, HbO and Hb concentration changes can be visualized in real-time in several display modes. In addition, high-end whole-head visualizations are immediately available.

Aurora fNIRS is developed exclusively for the NIRx NIRSport2. Learn more about Aurora fNIRS.

Turbo Satori Real-Time fNIRS Analysis Software
The NIRSport2 platform is fully integrated with Turbo-Satori for real-time online analysis within neuro-feedback and BCI applications. For more details, please see here

Satori – Powerful and Easy to use fNIRS Analysis Software
Satori natively reads the data recorded with the NIRSport2 and Aurora. Satori includes the current standard fNIRS processing methods and statistical tools. For more details, please see here

NIRSport2 Extensions

Concurrent Physiological Measurements with NIRxWINGS

The NIRxWINGS module for peripheral physiology measurements extends the NIRSport2. You can collect pulse oximetry (PPG), heart-rate variability (HRV), oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration, temperature, galvanic skin response (GSR), and bipolar signals such as EMG and ECG. All signals fully synchronized and in one data stream.

NIRxBorealis translating fMRI to fNIRS

NIRxBorealis couples up to two NIRSport2 devices with optical fiber-based optodes for fNIRS data acquisition in an MRI environment. The primary advantage of this system is the flexibility to use the very same NIRSport2 platform for both mobile and MRI-integrated experiments. NIRxBorealis offers ability for low profile fibers for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).


Sources 8-80
Detectors 8-80
Source Illumination Type LED
Source Wavelengths LED: 760nm & 850nm
Detector Sensor Silicon Photodiode (SiPD) or Avalanche Photodiode (APD)
Detector Dynamic Range & Sensitivity > 80 dBopt measurement dynamic range
Optode type Single-tip, or specialized Dual-tip optodes (faster set-up time and better contact to skin), Blunt-Tip (infant and child applications, better comfort)
Maximum number of topographic channels 45-55 channels, depends on optode layout used
Maximum number of tomographic channels 256
Sampling Rate Up to 240 Hz
Spectroscopic Technique, Phase Type Continuous Wave, Single Phase
3D Depth-discrimination Yes*
Operation mode USB, Wi-Fi, Stand-alone direct-to-device recording mode: no computer, tablet, or smartphone required
Hyperscanning Configuration Wireless hyperscanning (up to 10 or more subjects) including singe device hyperscanning
Included Data Acquisition Software Aurora fNIRS
Data Format Raw light intensity: tab-delimited (may be analyzed in any environment)
Data Output Options NIRx format: .wl1, .wl2, etc.; .NIRS format; raw format
Event Synchronization Wireless (LSL; Lab Streaming Layer), Cable (8-bit TTL Input)
Headgear NIRScaps: freely-configurable, measures whole head, fits all age ranges, multi-modal
BCI/Neurofeedback Optional module for Aurora fNIRS
Multi-modal Compatibility Built-in: EEG, tDCS/TES, eye-tracking, motion-tracking
Requiring module: fMRI, MEG, TMS
Multi-distance/Short-distance detectors Yes, split one detector channel into 8 short channels
Included Accessories NIRScaps, System carrying case, Trigger cable
Optional Accessories Recording/Analysis Computers, Computer cart, Active Trigger Splitter, fMRI/TMS/MEG Compatibility, Flat and Blunt-tipped Probes, Animal NIRS Module, BCI/neurofeedback – fully compatible with Turbo Satori
Temperature Range 10 – 40C (operating), -15 – 70C (storage)
Humidity 20% – 80% Relative, Non-condensing
Power Supply Voltage and Consumption 90 to 250 VAC (50Hz – 60Hz); 175W Max
Dimensions (WxHxL), Net Weight 162 mm x 125 mm x 60 mm, 970 g



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