The MindWare Mobile Impedance Cardiograph is unparalleled for lab based and real world monitoring of autonomic balance, cardiac impedance, respiratory measurements and activity.
  • Monitor: Mental Workload, Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Measures, Respiration, Motion, and Muscle Activity
  • Wide Range of Study: Psychophysiology, Stress & Health, Behavior, Children Studies, Performance, Neuromarketing, Psychology, Psychobiology, and more
  • Signal Collection: EKG, GSR, EMG, Z0, dZ/dt, Respiratory, 3 axis accelerometry


Applications – ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR, Cardiac Impedance, Piezo Respiration Sensors, Signal recording from other instruments

Channels – Up to 8 Channels (2 Bio Channels, Z0, dZ/dt, GSC, Accelerometry)

Storage – SDHC Card or PC over WiFi

Device Interface – Screen

Power and Acquisition Control – Local to Device when using SD card or on PC when over WiFi

Event Marking Buttons – 2 in local mode

Analog Sampling Resolution – 24-bit

Accelerometer Resolution – 16-bit

Z0 Max Sample Rate – 500 Hz

SCL Max Sample Rate – 500 HZ

dZ/dt Sample Rate – 500 Hz

dZ/dt Derivative – Continuous

Base Battery Life – 18 Hrs+ local mode, 6 Hrs+ WiFi mode

Maximum Continuous Acquisition – 48 Hrs+

Size – 117 x 79 x 47 mm

Weight with Battery and Leads – 370g


  • High performance and small form factor
  • Collects EKG, GSC, EMG, Z0, dZ/dt, and respiratory signals
  • Local-mode recording to SD card
  • Real time multi-unit synchronized wireless data transmission
  • Seamless integration with all MindWare hardware and software
  • Native 24 hour run time capability
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer
  • Simple electrode wire interface
  • Built-in subject response buttons for event marking


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