System includes:

ibidi Gas Mixer
Air Pressure


Technical Features

  • Precise and reliable gas incubation for O2 and CO2
  • Active and fast humidification – no evaporation
  • Uses pressurized air to create the gas flow – no vibrations
  • Optional air pressure generator available (for when pressurized air is not obtainable)

The ibidi Gas Incubation System provides both humid and CO2-rich air for stage-top incubators like the ibidi Heating System. The gas mixture is continuously flushed through the stage top incubator, ensuring a maximum humidity and an optimal pH for CO2-buffered liquids.

Spheroid of breast cancer cells with living cells (green) and apoptotic center (red) due to oxygen depletion.

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Please find more detailed information about the planning, conduction, and data analysis of live cell imaging assays here.

Download the whole “Live Cell Imaging” Application Guide as a PDF here.

ibidi’s Patented Humidity Control

Cells react very sensitively to changes in medium components, such as salts and nutrients. Any evaporation from the cell culture vessels increases the substance concentration in the medium in an undefined way. To create reproducible experimental conditions, evaporation—caused by too low humidity—from cell culture vessels during live cell imaging experiments should be absolutely avoided.

The ibidi Humidity Control ensures a constant and very high relative humidity (RH) level inside the ibidi Stage Top Incubator—identical to the conditions in standard cell culture incubators. This unique and patent-protected technology actively humidifies the gas mixture in a fast and reliable way before it enters the Stage Top Incubator.

Components of the ibidi Gas Incubation System

ibidi Gas Mixer for CO2 and O2

  • Precise and reliable gas incubation
  • Active and fast humidification without evaporation (patent pending technology)
  • Suitable for various experimental conditions (e.g., pH or hypoxia)
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Heating Systems
  • Uses pressurized air to create the gas flow – no vibrations
  • Optional air pressure generator available (for when pressurized air is not obtainable)

Humidifying Column

  • Humidifies the outgoing CO2 / O2 / air mix to minimize sample evaporation
  • Active humidity control inside the attached ibidi Heating System

ibidi Heating System

The ibidi Gas Incubation System upgrades your ibidi Heating System to a complete stage top incubator.

Oxygen Conditions in Various Surroundings

Location/Tissue Oxygen Partial Pressure p(O2) Corresponding O2 in Cell Culture Gas Mix (%)
Inspired air 21 kPa (= 160 mm Hg) 21%
Alveolus 14 kPa (= 104 mm Hg) 14%
Arterial blood 14 kPa (= 104 mm Hg) 14%
Veneous blood 5 kPa (= 40 mm Hg) 5%
Interstitial fluid 5 kPa (= 40 mm Hg) 5%
Healthy tissue 2–3 kPa (= 15- 23 mm Hg) 2–3%
Tumor without blood vessels
Outside 1 kPa (= 7.5 mm Hg) 1%
Center 0 kPa (= 0 mm Hg) 0%
Normoxia conditions 2–11 kPa (= 15–82 mm Hg) 2–11%
Hypoxia conditions 0–1 kPa (= 0–7.5 mm Hg) 0–1%
Cell culture incubator (5% CO2) 20 kPa (= 150 mm Hg) 20%

Overview of the ibidi Heating & Gas Incubation System, CO2 and O2 Control

Gas Supply (Input)


Gas Supply (Input)
Pressurized air 1 bar optimum / 14.5 psi
(0.8–1.2 bar / 11.6–17.4 psi)
CO2 1 bar optimum / 14.5 psi
(0.8–1.2 bar / 11.6–17.4 psi)
N2 1 bar optimum / 14.5 psi
(0.8–1.2 bar / 11.6–17.4 psi)
Tubing for all gases (supplied with the system) PUR/PUN tubing
4 mm inner diameter
6 mm outer diameter
1 mm wall thickness

ibidi Gas Mixer


CO2 Control
CO2 control range 0%–15%
Resolution 0.1%
O2 Control (only ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2)
O2 control range 1%–21% (Settings below 1% are less accurate, a typical minimum value in an ibidi Heating Chamber is 0.5% O2)
Resolution 0.1%
Gas Flow
Control range 0–20 l/h

Humidifying Column


Humidity Control
Control range 20%–99% (relative humidity)
Resolution 0.1%
Maximal volume 130 ml ultrapure water
Minimal volume 50 ml ultrapure water


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