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Fear Conditioning System

The UGO BASILE ANY-maze controlled Fear Conditioning System  (Fear Conditioning 2.1) automates the two most common fear conditioning paradigms: Contextual Fear Conditioning and Cued fear Conditioning

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Startle/PPI Test

Our STARTLE/PPI System allows automatic detection of Startle Reflex in Mice. 

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Learned Helplessness

The Ugo Basile Set-Up for Learned Helplessness is based on a sophisticated generator of unpredictable random shocks delivered to the grid floor of a rodent box where no escape is possible. Electric shocks can be randomized in terms of shock length, interval and complex trains can be programmed.

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Zero maze

The elevated zero maze is very similar to the elevated plus maze, but lacks a center square. This removes any ambiguity in the interpretation of the time spent in the maze, but also takes away the availability of an often used starting point during the test. Again, the differences in time spent in the open and closed sections are measured and used as indication of anxiety versus exploration. 

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Light-dark box

The light-dark box is used to test the unconditioned anxiety response of rats or mice. It is based on the innate light aversion and the spontaneous exploratory behavior of rodents in response to mild stressors; the novel environment and the light/open space.

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Track3D is a video-based system for automated tracking of animals in a three-dimensional space.

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Custom mazes

Lab requirements, as your research needs, might be quite unique. That is why we at Noldus offer you a wide range of tools, systems, and labs as customized as you need it to be. Even if you want to incorporate components your already own. Rely on our many years of experience with building setups and labs all over the world.

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Open field test

The open field test is a straight-forward test to investigate activity, anxiety-related behavior and exploratory behavior in rodents.

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Morris water maze

The Morris water maze task is a popular and well-validated test for spatial learning, and is one of the most-used behavioral tests in neuroscience research with rat and mouse models.

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Elevated plus maze

The elevated plus maze is a well-characterized behavioral paradigm, and is one of the most used tests for anxiety research.

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Radial arm maze test

The radial arm maze is a test for spatial, working, and reference learning and memory in rats and mice and allows for several sophisticated test protocols.

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Barnes maze

The Barnes maze is a well-known paradigm to study spatial learning and memory.

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