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Celeritas Fiber Optic Response System

PST has engineered the new Celeritas Fiber Optic Response System to accurately gather participant responses and verify signals.

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E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI

Optimize E-Prime® Experiments for fMRI Research

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MRI Simulator

Use of MRI technology is more important than ever for today’s researchers, professors, radiologists, nurses, technicians, and child life specialists. Failed scans and unusable data caused by claustrophobia, anxiety, and excessive head and body motion cost significant time and resources where scan time is often expensive and limited.With the MRI Simulator; training, patient acclimation, and pilot testing can quickly be done without the need for scanner access time.

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mock MRI head coil

Essential Accessories for MRI Simulator Participants to Experience the Full fMRI Scanning Environment

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MoTrak® – Head Motion Tracking System

MoTrak software uses Ascension Technology’s trakSTAR. The sensor attached to the subject’s head determines the position of the head in space relative to the transmitter. The sensor records angular rotations as well as positional displacements from an initially calibrated position. This information is displayed and logged by the program in real-time, allowing observation of head motion in an MRI simulator. The goal is to monitor how much the participant moves while the scan is in progress. If a participant moves too much, it can potentially result in unusable data and wasted resources.

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MRI Vision Correction Lenses

MR Safe Vision Correction Lens System

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SimFx™ – MRI Auditory Simulation Software

Simulate the ambient scanner sound and active scanning noise. Four sound files can be played simultaneously. SimFx also has the capability to accept input from an experimental paradigm which can be used to simulate how the scanner synchronization pulse triggers an experiment.

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Hyperion Digital Projection System

The Hyperion Digital Projection System brings professional-grade video presentation into the MRI environment.

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