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Oqus – Capture anywhere.

The Oqus platform provides motion capture cameras suitable for all possible applications, both indoor and outdoor. The Oqus cameras are designed to capture accurate mocap data with very low latency and works with both passive and active markers.

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Miqus – Capture more with less

The Miqus camera is our smallest and most refined motion capture camera yet. It fits everything you need for your next motion capture project in a small and lightweight camera body.

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Miqus Video – Synchronised reference video, now in color

Miqus Video is a native video camera for use with your Miqus system. It streams synchronised video and gives you perfectly aligned reference video to complement your movement data.  

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Oqus Video – Synchronised reference video

Oqus Video (also known as Oqus 210c) is a synchronised and dedicated video camera that can be calibrated together with an Oqus motion capture system, providing a video image that is fully synchronised with the mocap system.

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Oqus Underwater, Capture movements under water.

Qualisys provides the possibility to measure underwater by using specially adapted Oqus motion capture cameras. Measure anything underwater, for example ship scale models, water sports, animation and more.

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Oqus MRI, Measure inside & outside MRI scanners.

With Oqus MRI, capturing kinematics during functional MRI measurements have never been easier. Designed for use inside an MRI room, the Oqus MRI is truly a unique motion capture camera.

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