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With sampling frequencies of up to 250 Hz, two eye tracking cameras, and two pupil tracking modes, Tobii Pro Fusion enable

s you to adapt and extend your data collection setup to different research populations, scenarios, and data requirements.

Collect your data where your subjects are available

The size and shape of Tobii Pro Fusion allow for a compact mobile lab without compromising on data quality and granularity. The patented Tobii eye tracking algorithms and robust subject calibration ensures reliable data across different indoor environments, making it easier to recruit participants.

Support for different data collection scenarios

If you have a busy lab with students running different projects, it’s likely that each project will have different demands on the eye tracking setup. Tobii Pro Fusion provides a flexible solution that supports different research scenarios and study designs. The slim design integrates well with different stand-alone and laptop screens up to 24 inches in size. The eye tracker can also be mounted on tripods and coupled with a scene camera so it can be used in study setups that use real-world stimuli such as physical objects or scenes.

The sampling speed of up to 250 Hz allows you to capture data for a wide range of experimental paradigms (fixation, smooth pursuit, and saccade based). The different sampling frequencies and associated bright and dark pupil tracking modes allow you to adapt the performance to your study design and test population.*

*The illumination mode is selected automatically by the system during calibration.

researcher with eye tracker in backpack
Tobii Pro Fusion – Eye tracker for scientific research


High standards of data quality

  • Tobii Pro Fusion screen-based eye tracker is designed to provide high data quality and tracking robustness.
  • Tobii’s patented 3D eye model delivers high-caliber gaze data
  • Two eye tracking cameras, taking up to 250 images per second
  • Bright and dark pupil illuminators offer superior data regardless of eye shapes, ethnicity or age
  • Fully embedded processing and illumination control enables the system to work autonomously
  • Maintains high accuracy and precision during subjects’ natural head movements
  • Captures pupil data at the same sampling rate as the gaze data
  • Maintains tracking robustness in different lighting environments
Our study participants are people with Autism Spectrum disorders or Schizophrenia where having an eye tracking system that is unobtrusive and allows for head movement is imperative. The dual eye tracking cameras, sampling rate and discreet design with Tobii Pro Fusion will open up the possibilities for more extensive research on our demographic.

Dr. J. Adam Noah



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