Why you should use The Observer XT

  • Code behavior in a quantitative way and visualize them on a timeline
  • Easily integrate video and physiological data
  • Calculate statistics and assess reliability


  1. User friendly software package

    The Observer XT is an extremely powerful software tool including data integration and analysis and still very user friendly and easy to understand.

  2. Developed to study time relationships

    Synchronization is the key to understanding behavior patterns. Perfect sync is what researchers expect from Noldus.

  3. Detailed scoring of behaviors

    Designing an ethogram is a crucial step in behavioral research. The ethogram is the actual measuring instrument. Choices made at this stage determine what you can do with your data at later stages. The Observer XT enables you to code behaviors in great detail.

    Chicken poultry looking into camera
  4. Support the entire workflow

    The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project. As a result, you will be able to make all the necessary preparations to collect rich and meaningful data.

  5. Simplification of your start/stop actions

    Other recording devices can be started and stopped from The Observer XT to simplify your recording process.

  6. Organize all data streams

    Data integration platform: The Observer XT organizes all of your data streams in one clear overview.

  7. Add movements patterns into your data mix

    You can combine data gathered with TrackLab with other data streams in The Observer XT for enhanced analysis and visualization. Synchronization is straightforward and fast using our new viewer plugin. TrackLab software is a Noldus product for recognition and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems.

    tracklab livestock sheep uwb tag barn
  8. Complete insight

    You get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses because time information is continuously exchanged between The Observer XT, MediaRecorder, Viso, and various data acquisition systems of your choice.

  9. Share the work with Coder Licenses

    Coder Licenses will allow you to work together efficiently on a research project. They limit the use of The Observer XT to coding and visualization only.

  10. Code on the go with Pocket Observer

    Code on-the-go using Pocket Observer. It combines the power of The Observer XT with the portability of a handheld computer, Android phone or tablet.

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