Need to Conserve Precious Sample?

Try NanoFil™ Low Dead Volume Syringes

NanoFil™ Syringes are 10 µL and 100 μL syringes for low volume injections. It makes quantitative nanoliter injection much easier and more accurate than any other method currently in use. When you must conserve your sample, NanoFil is your solution.


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Special Applications


  • Retinal Pigment Epithelium Injection
  • Mouse Brain Injection
  • Intravitreal Injection (with RPE-KIT)
  • Intraoccular Injection (with IO-KIT)


Application kits are used exclusively with a NanoFil™ syringe and UMP3 to achieve accurate and repeatable oil free injections down to sub-microliter ranges. The Silflex tubing is a very important component of the kit. This 35 cm long, flexible tubing has a precise outer diameter for an airtight fitting with the syringe. It also has a small inner diameter to minimize dead volume. The SilFlex is coupled to the injection tip with a seal system similar to that of the NanoFil. The dead volume of the entire kit (including the tubing) is less than 3 microliters.


The NanoFil syringe and needles are uniquely designed for microliter injections in ophthalmology, neuroscience and other research applications. See the difference for yourself!

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Order code Size Includes
NANOFIL 10μL – one 26 gauge needle mounted to the microliter syringe

– 2 – MF28G MicroFil, 1 – 1CC syringe

NANOFIL-100 100µL – one 26 gauge needle mounted to the microliter syringe


  • Very low dead volume injections (0.5 µL or less)
  • Biologically compatible injection syringe (All the seals are constructed of inert materials for better chemical and biological compatiblity
  • Switching the syringe tip during an experiment is easy
  • Variety of tips
  • Unique tri-beveled needles for easier penetration


  • Animal research
  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • Versatile research applications — Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) and Intra Ocular (IO) injection kits

NanoFil™ is a specially designed 10 µL syringe developed in response to customer requests for improved microinjection in mice and other small animals. It makes quantitative nanoliter injection much easier and more accurate than any other method currently in use.

Low Dead Volume

NanoFil’s low dead volume eliminates the need for oil backfilling, a messy process which risks contamination of the injected sample. Injection is now simpler, and less messy, and there is no possibility of oil contamination in critical applications such as ophthalmology research (see the Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) and Intra Ocular (IO) injection kits listed below).

Easily Switch Syringe Tip

When the inner tip diameter of a conventional syringe is reduced to less than 100 µm, it is very difficult to front fill the solution at a reasonable speed. NanoFil solves this problem by using a tip coupling mechanism that makes it possible to change the syringe tip during the experiment. Simply load the sample using a larger tip, such as the 26 gauge needle provided with the microliter syringe, and then replace it with a micro tip for sample injection. On a conventional 10 µL syringe, a solid ring or bushing is permanently bonded to the tubing. Replacing the tip in the middle of the experiment is not practical. With NanoFil, tips can be exchanged by a simple twist of the brass lock, gently pulling out the tip, and replacing with the desired new tip.

Holds Metal Tips and Quartz Tubing

To secure the tip, NanoFil uses an olive-shaped silicon gasket that is similar to, but much sturdier than, some of the microelectrode holders used for electrophysiology recording. The silicone gasket makes it possible to hold not only metal needles but also Silflex tubing. Many types of tubing can be easily connected to the syringe as long as the outer diameter (OD) is close to, but not more than, the barrel inner diameter (ID) of 460 µm. Flexible quartz capillaries used in Gas Chromotography (GC) and Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) can also be easily coupled to the syringe.

Variety of Tips

Specially designed needles as small as 36 gauge (110 µm OD) are offered in both blunt and beveled styles. Our studies have shown that these needles will cause less trauma to the tissue. NanoFil has a unique coupling mechanism that allows many different forms of small tubing and tips to be coupled with the syringe barrel.

More Information

How to select the correct tip for your application.

NanoFil for Microinjection

NanoFil-100 has a small dead volume.

The NanoFil-100 is a 100µL syringe with a small dead volume.

NanoFIl is a 10uL syringe with small dead volume.

The NanoFil syringe is a 10µL syringe. NanoFil is a specially designed microliter syringe developed in response to customer requests for improved microinjection in mice and other small animals. It makes quantitative nanoliter injection much easier and more accurate than any other method currently in use.

Using NanoFil™ in different configurations

Direct injection by hand

This is the simplest and most economical way to inject. Any of our tips can be inserted directly into the NanoFil™ microliter syringe. Even the SilFlex tubing can be inserted to switch from hand injection to the other methods listed below. This method is limited by the accuracy of plunger movement that is achievable with a human hand.

Installed on WPI’s UMP3 microsyringe pump

This will allow the user to achieve nanoliter resolution and reproducibility. For neural system injection, mount the UMP3 on a stereotaxic frame.

SilFlex tubing and holder

The needle is mounted on a small plastic holder that is connected to the NanoFil by a 35 cm length of flexible tubing. The NanoFil syringe is mounted on the UMP3 pump. This configuration allows the user to hold the animal in one hand and insert the needle with the other. When the needle reaches the desired location, activate the pump using the footswitch and the pre-programmed injection volume will be delivered. This configuration gives a nanoliter level of accuracy and reproducibility. It is best suited for applications such as the RPE and IO injection.


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