The Biopixlar platform consists of a bioprinter, a software, a gamepad, all situated on an optical table.

The Biopixlar platform situated on an optical table.


Biopixlar bioprinter with captions

The platform contains:

1- Bioprinter

The bioprinter includes a micromanipulator arm and a motorized stage that let you precisely position the printer head and the sample. The printer head, based on innovative Fluicell microfluidic technology, is capable of printing several different cell types. The consumable printer head is made from a medical-grade elastomer and includes wells for containing cell suspension, reactant solutions and for collecting waste. The holder is a sophisticated pressure manifold that ensures a closed system, connecting the microfluidic printer head with a precision pressure controller.

The onboard multi-color fluorescence imaging setup allows real-time monitoring of your printing process and post-print analysis. The Biopixlar bioprinter additionally includes built-in environmental air-flow control, printer head heating, illumination of both the full chamber and the surrounding of the printing area, and optional UV light sterilization.

2- Software with gamepad interface

The Biopixlar software enables easy configuration of the bioprinting process and intuitive use of the bioprinter. Through the software, positioning of the printer head can be controlled, as well as cell type, deposition mode, and printing rate. The environmental controls can also be adjusted.

Biopixlar has the capability of bringing complex geometries in an automated or manual manner. The gamepad interface brings an entirely new way to experience bioprinting by putting full control of the process in the palm of your hand. With the gamepad, you have the ability to e.g. position the printer head, and deposit cells with the press of a button. A graphical user interface is also included for design of simple 2D structures.


With our microfluidic technology, the printer head enables direct cell patterning and printing, ranging  from arrays of single cells to complex multi-cellular motifs.

A closer look at the Biopixlar printer head



Advance your science with relevant models

Biopixlar is designed for:

  • Producing  human-like tissue replicas
  • Understanding of specific diseases
  • Testing of drug compounds
  • Translating new therapies and technologies to patient

Some examples of what you can print

Liver Cancer Model

Fluorescence microscopy images of a printed patch of liver cancer cells (HepG2, in red) surrounded by fibroblasts (3T3-J2, in blue) taken at t=0 and 24 hours after printing.

Skin Cancer Model

Fluorescence microscopy images of four printed patches of skin cancer cells (A431, in pink) surrounded by epithelial cells  (HaCaT, in green) taken at t=0 and 24h after printing.


A schematic representation of the Biopixlar printer head printing cells

Place the Biopixlar printer head at a desired spot, and print your cells of interest.  After printing, the cell print is transferred to a cell culture platform allowing for the development of robust tissue models.

3D Tissue Model

A fluorescence overlay of the 3D tissue model  printed, with skin cancer cells as a base line (A431, in purple), epithelial cells as a middle layer (HaCaT, in red) and skin cancer cells as a top layer (A431, in green)

Top image: A fluorescence overlay of the 3D tissue model  printed, with skin cancer cells as a base line (A431, in purple), epithelial cells as a middle layer (HaCaT, in red) and skin cancer cells as a top layer (A431, in green). Bottom image: an alternate representation of this layered visualization.


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