USB 3.0 adds a new transfer mode called “SuperSpeed” (SS) capable of transferring data up to 5Gbits/s (625MB/s). Dino-Lite models with USB 3.0 offer an image transfer speed of up to 45FPS at a 1280 x 960 resolution. SuperSpeed allows you to take advantage of the full power of the Dino-Lite Edge Series optics including improved colour accuracy and image quality.

The Dino-Lite AM73115MTF is a USB 3.0 model with a magnification range of 10x – 70x and an Extra Long Working Distance of up to 48 cm. At a 70x magnification the distance to the object can reach an unparalleled 115 mm. This model is member of the Dino-Lite Edge family with the latest, cutting-edge optics, an unmatched 5 megapixel sensor and several special features such as Flexible LED Control (FLC), full metal body, extensive measurement functions, calibration, exchangeable front caps and more.

The AM73115MTF is a special product within the Dino-Lite USB 3.0 range. For professionals who are looking for a large working distance and high speed data transfer combined with the best available image quality, this is the model of choice.




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