Features & Benefits

  • Integrated Digital VaporizerAuto calculates flow rate based on animal weight
  • Built-In Air CompressorUses room air or compressed gas
  • Flow Rates from 25 mL to 1 LSaves money by using less than 1mL of isoflurane/hour with typical use
  • Intuitive Touch Screen ControlThe easy to use multi-parameter touch screen display shows vital signs
  • Safer for the AnimalDigital dial control for precise delivery and safety
  • Safer for the TechnicianWith such a small amount of anesthetic and oxygen used there is very little waste gas exposure risk
  • Induction Chamber FlushMinimizes waste anesthetic gas exposure
  • No Servicing or Calibration NeededCost-effective, reliable equipment
  • Easily Integrates Into Stereotaxic SetupsUse your own anesthesia mask or use one of ours
  • Modular CapabilitySelect modules for a variety of functions
  • Smaller FootprintSignificantly smaller footprint compared to traditional vaporizer and stand, further reduced by combining additional modules including RoVent and MouseSTAT
  • Multi-Animal CapabilityGreater efficiency – Our clinical department will be pleased to review your study protocol to confirm that our product will meet your specific study requirements
  • Real-Time Recordings
  • 5 Safety Alarms
  • Lab Chart Compatible

All Systems Include

  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • Internal memory for data storage
  • Mini-USB for data output
  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Two accessory adapter to connect two mice to anesthesia masks
  • Scavenging filter
  • 1 Charcoal canister
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty (Extended 3-Year Warranty available)

All SomnoSuite base systems include the following modules:

Low-Flow Anesthesia SystemSomnoSuite®

Flow Rate 0 to 1 L/min
Up to 4 Modes of Operation
  • Vaporizer: Internal Pump or Compressed Air
  • Ventilator: Internal Pump or Compressed Air
Max. Pusher Force Greater than 36 kg
Carriage Position Detection +/- 0.2 mm
Anesthetics Isoflurane and Sevoflurane
Multi-Animal Capability Yes

Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control ModuleFREE RightTemp®

Resistance 2252 ohm
Tolerance +/– 0.2° C
Accuracy 25°C to 45°C
Operating Temp. –40°C to 80° C
Sensor Diameter Ball Tip Diameter: 1.65 mm max                           Shaft: 1.5 mm
Time Constant 10.0 seconds
Dissipation Constant 0.75 m/W (° C)

Far Infrared Warming: Product Selection Guide

Warming Pad Control RightTemp® Jr. Homeothermic Control PhysioSuite® RightTemp® with Advanced Features
Small footprint; easily fits into your surgical set-up Automatic control measures and regulates your animal’s temperature Temperature monitor and homeothermic control module
Large display; easily set and identify target temperature Includes temperature sensor Modular physiological monitor system
Operates using AC power Far infrared warming pad provided Optional Modules for ventilation, end-tidal CO₂, pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring


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