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Why you should use TrackLab

  • Rely on highly accurate tracking data for your research
  • Gain insights into social interactions, consumer behavior, and space utilization
  • Easily access, collect, analyze, and visualize your data


  1. Versatile

    Benefit from high accuracy indoor and outdoor tracking (UWB) for all your spatial behavior studies. TrackLab is a valuable tool for researchers in psychology, education, consumer behavior, wayfinding, healthcare, and many more.

  2. Meaningful insights

    Use TrackLab to measure a wide range of behaviors, including movement, place-preference, and social interactions.

  3. Social behavior

    Analyze different social behavior parameters with TrackLab. For example, you can study pair relations, social networks, or general proximity between subjects.

  4. Efficient workflow

    Work easily and intuitively with the TrackLab software and benefit from an efficient workflow.

  5. Scalable

    TrackLab allows you to track an almost unlimited number of subjects in environments of almost unlimited size.

  6. 24/7 monitoring

    TrackLab offers 24/7 continuous tracking. This way, you can monitor your subjects for a longer period of time or during specific times of interest.

  7. Portable lab

    When you need to collect data in different locations, or to move your research equipment quickly, you can use TrackLab’s portable tracking set-up.

  8. Automated data collection

    TrackLab includes different options for automated data collection, saving you valuable time and effort. For example, you can schedule recording sessions in advance or track your subjects continuously during time periods of your choice.

  9. Accurate and reliable

    TrackLab offers highly accurate and reliable ultra-wideband tracking, with an accuracy of up to 15 cm.

  10. Analyze from your desk

    With TrackLab you can track subjects on location and analyze your data from the comfort of your office.

  11. Real-time analysis

    Analyze your data at the moment of your choice. For example, you can monitor results in near real-time or analyze data after the experiment.

  12. Futureproof sensors

    TrackLab offers multi-sensor data, including location, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, and altimeter data. With this versatile dataset you can perform complex behavior analysis.

  13. Data playback

    Review trackplots with the parameters of your choice and study outliers or (social) behaviors in different locations.

  14. Experimental groups

    Analyze your data for individual subjects or experimental groups and gain a wide range of behavioral insights.

  15. Visualize your results

    Visualize your results to easily interpret, present, and discuss your work. The TrackLab software includes place-preference and place-time heatmaps, trackplots, graphs and diagrams.

  16. Observer reliability

    Gain consistent results and avoid inter- and intra-observer variability with the reliable TrackLab software.

  17. Full access to data

    Benefit from full access to all raw data. You can even export your data for further analysis in the statistical program of your choice.

  18. TrackLab server

    Connect multiple tracking sites to TrackLab’s central data server. All tracking data is safely stored on the TrackLab server, so that you never have to worry about losing valuable data.

  19. Join the expert panel

    Work with Noldus and the scientific community to advance your field of research. Join our TrackLab expert panel now! Want to know more about new developments in TrackLab? Visit our ‘New‘ page.

  20. Get help whenever you need

    Our excellent customer support services are available worldwide and 24/7.

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