uMp-4 Four axis micromanipulator specifications

Positioning range 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 mm3 (XYZD)
Resolution / repeatibility: 5 nm / 100 nm
Max. speed 5 mm/s
Load 0–150 g
True approach angle 0– 90 degrees
4th axis: Physical
Table mounting: Bolt
Electrode exchange**: Side rotate | flip + slide
Dimensions: 136 x 49 x 104 mm

Key features

  • Easy to use – Plug & Play installation and intuitive user interface
  • Superior stability – ZERO DRIFT piezo-technology provides market leading stability
  • Highest accuracy – only closed-loop controlled micromanipulator in the market
  • Ultra compact – perfect fit to space constrained applications
  • No electrical interference – battery operated
  • High resolution over full range – 5 nm resolution with 20 mm rang
  • Unlimited scalability – up to 65536 manipulators per system
  • Smallest control latency – Ethernet PC connection with open-source SDK

Unique and patented technology

uMp micromanipulators are based on unique ZERO DRIFT piezo-technology, where position is maintained by a strong friction force and motors are driven only during the positioning. Based on the laws of physics, the linear position stays exactly the same with zero drift during static external loading conditions and constant temperature.

Each axis has integrated linear position sensing with 5 nm resolution, which is used to measure the position in real time for closed-loop control. All motion control is integrated within the micromanipulator itself, each having own “brains” (=processor, memory and real-time operating system).

Our advanced technologies provide significant stability and accuracy benefits over traditional stepper motor alternatives, as well as make them future proof for automated microelectrode- and pipette techniques.

uMp products overview

  • uMp-TSC touch screen unit provides intuitive stand-alone user interface that is used together with uMp-RW3/4 wheel controllers. In addition to basic operation with manipulator selection and speed setting, many unique features are offered like customizable wheel-to-axis and movement direction definitions, absolute vs. relative coordinate views, 1-click re-configurable memory positions, virtual axis use and automated pipette cleaning for immediate re-use.
  • uMp micromanipulators are available as three axis uMp-3 version that has optional 4th virtual axis and as uMp-4 version with four physical axes. uMp-3 is commonly used for in vitro work, whereas uMp-4 is often selected for in vivo experiments, where closer to vertical approach angle and larger positioning range requirement make 4th physical axis essential
  • Standard accessories include uMp-HUB, which can be used for PC control only applications and/or when more than 2 micromanipulators are included in the system. Each uMp-HUB can connect four further uMp micromanipulators and include extra Li-ion battery back to help powering the extra manipulators. There is no limit how many uMp-HUBs and uMp micromanipulators can be connected to one system, which provides unlimited scalability.
  • Further standard accessories include stands with convenient mechanisms to aid pipette exchange, as well as versatile selection of adapters for attaching amplified head-stages and rod like items.

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