MEA workstation with small footprint for recording and analyzing data from one 60-electrode MEA (microelectrode array). With integrated data acquisition for recording from 60 MEA electrodes and 8 additional analog channels. Integrated filter amplifier and 2-channel current or voltage stimulus generator. Headstage can be operated in a humid incubator. Complete with MEA2100-Mini-headstage, signal collector unit (SCU), MCS-interface board 3.0 multiboot, data acquisition and analysis software, power supply, and accessories. USB High Speed data transfer with a sampling rate of up to 50 kHz/channel.

  • Data acquisition and analysis software Multi Channel Suite
    – Including a 2 years maintenance package (software updates and support)
  • MEA2100-Mini headstage (MEA2100-Mini-HS60):
    Pre- and filter amplifier with integrated data acquisition and analog-digital converter. Can be operated in a humid incubator.
    – Dimensions: 186 mm x 80 mm x 12 mm
    – Bandwidth adjustable via software
    – Direct access to each electrode for stimulation via internal stimulus generator
    – Control of stimulator via the included data acquisition software
    – Integrated blanking circuit for stimulus artifact suppression
    – 2 independent stimulus generators
    – Current stimulation at max. +/-1 mA
    – Voltage stimulation at max. +/-10 V
    – Power consumption 1.5 W
    – Sampling rate max. 50 kHz per channel
    – Integrated heating element with PT 100 sensor
  • MCS signal collector unit (MCS-SCU):
    – Output for analog data to interface with 3rd party data acquisitions
    – Four programmable outputs for optical stimulation (optogenetics)
    – Up to four MEA2100-Mini headstages can be operated with one MCS-SCU
    – Up to two signal collector units can be connected to one MCS-IFB
  • MCS interface board 3.0 multiboot (MCS-IFB 3.0 Multiboot):
    Interface board with signal processor for real-time signal detection and feedback
    Includes various in-/outputs:
    – 4x Digital Out: Interface for output bit 0 – 3 of the 16-bit digital input / output channels (Lemo connector)
    – 4x Digital In for synchronization with other instruments (bit 0 – 3) (Lemo connector)
    – Digital IN / OUT: Interface for 16-bit digital input / output channels. Generates or accepts TTL-pulses
    – 1x Stereo Out: Possibility to export 2 channels (e.g on an oscilloscope or headphones making the signals audible)
    – 2x Analog IN: Interface for 2 additional analog inputs (channel 1 and 2) (Lemo connector)
    – Analog IN: 8-channel Analog input (channel 1-8)
    – 1x Ground
    – 1x Universal Serial Bus High Speed for transferring digitally converted data to any data acquisition computer with a sampling rate of up to 50 kHz (USB High Speed cable)
    – 1x USB Serial Bus High Speed for programing the integrated signal processor
    – External power supply: 100-240 V input voltage range
  • Accessories:
    – Signal generator
    – Spare parts
    – CD with user manuals and software


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