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Pump System by ibidi


A pump system for the cultivation of cells under flow for simulation of blood vessels.

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  • Ideal simulation of various physiological conditions - continuous unidirectional, oscillating, and pulsatile flow
  • Compatible with the ibidi Heating Systems, all incubators, and incubated microscopes
  • Minimal mechanical stress, minimal amount of medium and supplement needed

The ibidi Pump System consists of two main components: The ibidi Pump (computer controlled air pump) and the Fluidic Unit (holder for cell media reservoirs and ?-Slide, tubing, and electrically controlled valve set). By using this “split” approach, the closed flow setup can be assembled separately and transferred to the microscope or the incubator after cell cultivation, without compromising the sterility of the system. The open architecture using the Luer connectors allows the use of any kind of flow devices. The PumpControl software controls the pressure, and subsequently the shear stress acting on the cells. The system is a fully integrated solution.

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  • Defined shear stress in long-term cell culture (e.g., endothelium, kidney, or biofilm)
  • Live cell imaging and immunofluorescence for analyzing shear stress response
  • Mimicking shear stress conditions in microcapillary, venous, and arterial flow
  • Rolling and adhesion of suspended cells on substrates
  • Stop flow experiments
  • 3D cell culture: interstitial flow

Technical Features:
Operates up to four parallel Fluidic Units per ibidi Pump
Flow characteristics: all flow types are laminar
Some examples:
Unidirectional flow simulates veins or small arteries
Oscillating flow simulates turbulent conditions at vessel defects
Pulsatile flow simulates arterial conditions
Flow rate: 0.03 – 35 ml/min
Shear stress: 0.3 – 150 dyn/cm2
Working volume: 2.5 / 12 ml / 50 ml
Suitable for all µ-Slides with Luer adapters
Also suitable for home-made flow chambers
Compatible with all incubators
Software-controlled flow rates and shear stress 


Movie: HUVEC Culture Under Perfusion vs. Static Conditions

Movie: HUVEC Culture Under Flow

Movie: The ibidi Pump System

Movie: Long-Term Cell Culture Under Perfusion


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