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NEW:UltraVox XT

Capture the full acoustic spectrum to process and analyze rodent ultrasonic calls and other animal vocalizations.

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UltraVox XT analyzes sound, including ultrasonic vocalizations made by rodents. You can select calls visually in a spectrogram and categorize similar calls based on frequency, amplitude, duration, and time gaps. Easy export to EthoVision XT and The Observer XT allows you to combine the acoustical events with other behavioral data.

UltraVox XT is a new tool for analyzing the vocalizations from a live full acoustic spectrum recording or an audio file. Sound is represented in both waveform and a spectrogram, from which you can select calls of interest and label them. After selection and analysis, data can be exported to EthoVision XT and The Observer XT so that you can easily combine vocalization data with other behavioral and physiological data.


  • Easy and affordable system
  • Full-spectrum sound capture with one microphone
  • Easy integration with other behavioral data
  • Real-time waveform and spectrogram
  • Automatic call detection
  • Easy definition and labeling of calls
  • Compact setup

UltraVox XT works with a compact, plug-and-play USB ultrasound microphone (max sampling rate 250 kHz) that captures the full acoustic spectrum and is sufficient for one testing arena. You can connect up to four microphones to one UltraVox XT setup. This compact setup makes UltraVox XT easy to work with and creates a very cost-efficient solution.

Why UltraVox XT?
There are several reasons why it is time for UltraVox XT. You can now use technology that allows for a compact and cost-effective microphone that captures the full acoustic spectrum. This means you don't have to record in a specific frequency band, and you don't need to use several microphones if you are interested in more than one frequency. The power of selecting and analyzing calls now lies within the software tool. You can easily detect calls by selecting amplitudes, frequency ranges, durations, and time gaps, or simply by dragging a box around the call in the spectrogram, and UltraVox XT will find similar calls. Then you can label individual calls (e.g. chevron, flat, upward) for further analysis.

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A wide range of applications
Access to the full acoustic spectrum means that UltraVox XT is useful not only for rodent studies, but for essentially any type of vocalization. Farm animal welfare studies and Precision Livestock Farming are two fields in which this program may prove especially handy.

A valuable behavioral parameter
Vocalizations and the specifics of the calls an animal emits, add another dimension to behavioral observations. Many studies can benefit from the combination of parameters to get full insight into the animal's behavior. For that reason, UltraVox XT is designed to give you export-ready data for compatible programs such as EthoVision XT and The Observer XT, and for use in other (statistical) packages.

Local support and expertise
In 1995, the first version of UltraVox became available. This means that there is close to two decades of knowledge, experience, and research: a strong basis to build UltraVox XT 3 on.

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