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Theme unravels the time structure of behavior at any level of detail to find unexpected patterns.

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Why use it?

  • Get new and unexpected insights into your research.
  • Detect subtle differences in behavior that other methods cannot detect.
  • Theme is much more powerful than other sequential analysis methods.
  • Sensitive to patterns, though insensitive to random variation.

Import, filter, and pre-process data, and detect patterns
Theme can import, filter and pre-process data, and detect patterns by objective statistical criteria. The resulting pattern sets can be displayed, searched, and analyzed in a number of ways. Pattern statistics can be exported to statistical software packages for further analysis.

  • Import data and detect patterns

Theme works well on most raw behavioral data. It has built-in pre-processing options for filtering and reorganizing the data so data can be imported easily.

  • Search and filter the detected patterns

The detected patterns can be searched and filtered in a number of ways, allowing you to focus on important details.

  • Presentation of patterns

The overall structure of the behavior is presented in a matrix of linked event types.
Theme gives all the details for each pattern: exact times for each occurrence, significance, and various other statistics.

  • Perform statistical tests and export data

Theme provides a full range of descriptive statistics per input file, such as number of patterns, length, and diversity.

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T-pattern analysis
Theme detects statistically significant time patterns in sequences of behaviors. These so called T-patterns are based on the timing of events, relative to each other.Scientists have been conducting research with Theme for over twenty years, and Theme has been successfully used in a wide variety of disciplines (developmental psychology, psychiatry, etc). Theme was developed by PatternVision Ltd. (Reykjavik, Iceland).

  • T-patterns

Timing and order are crucial to the effectiveness of nearly any kind of action, but they are often hard to capture in statistics. Theme is a software package that was especially developed to deal with this challenge. If two behaviors are linked by a certain time interval more often than expected by chance, Theme defines them as a T-pattern.

  • Well-established model

Theme is based on a well-established mathematical model. Due to this model Theme can detect much more structure than other methods (series of 20-30 events are no exception, where most methods stop at 3-5).The basis of Theme is a statistical test that finds significant time intervals between two series of events. A special algorithm eliminates duplicate and incomplete patterns. In other words, Theme describes behavior in terms of time relationships between activities.

  • Social interactions

Theme is especially effective in the analysis of social interactions. Most behavior is highly organized in time but can also be quite variable. Contrary to other methods, Theme can detect and quantify the overall time structure in behavioral data without being distracted by the variation in details.

  • Robust

The results found by Theme are very robust. The probability of long T-patterns occurring by chance is extremely low in most data. Theme performs checks against chance effects. A rigorous randomization function checks which proportion of the patterns can be explained by chance. In most data that is a small subset of the shorter patterns.

PatternVision Data Exchange Program
With the PatternVision DEP, an accurate conversion of data from The Observer XT to Theme for extensive analysis has become much easier. The DEP is a simple and straightforward program that converts exported files from The Observer XT 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0 (.ODX files) to text files that Theme can then import.


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