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Fear Conditioning System

The Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning System includes all the components to run experiments on mice or rats, according to the paradigms such as Contextual Fear Conditioning and
Cued Fear Conditioning.

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Fear Conditioning System1 Fear Conditioning Box and Shocker 

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 The detection of Freezing is automated and based on video analysis, by using the Ethovision software (specific version for Fear Conditioning), which also controls the shocker and the sound generator.

Our Fear Conditioning system works also in total darkness. In the new model, all controls are managed by a single Electronic Unit with touch-screen.

The basic system includes the following components:

  • Controller with touch-screen
  • Animal box with electrified floor and Context Kit (3 floors, 9 walls)
  • Isolation Cubicle, dual (visible/I.R.) LED light, speaker and fan

The basic system also includes the following components:

  • Freezing-detection Software
  • USB videocamera
  • Preinstalled PC can be supplied as optional


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