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Modular Operant Behavior by Panlab

Sophisticated system for conducting operant conditioning studies.

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More Information

  • Entirely modular system
  • Easily transformed from rat to mice chamber
  • Reduced number of cables
  • Possibility of customization
  • Up to 8 stations can be connected at once to PC through a single cable

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Our Modular Operant Chamber is an entirely modular experimental enclosure designed to conduct operant conditioning procedures (e.g. food reinforcement, DMTS, conflict tests, self-administration…).

The operant chamber is made in an entirely modular structure which allows complete disassembling or rearrangement to build a new space of different dimensions/components or to enable storage in the minimum space.

A frontal door offers a total accessibility inside the chamber. Walls and cover can be of different material or colour, since they are totally removable.

Each chamber is associated with a Link Box which provides power to up to 8 (expandable depending of the customer configuration) Operant Modules.


Base dimensions

440 (W) x 360 (D) x 35 (H) mm

Working area (mouse)

200 (W) x 200 (D) x 250 (H) mm

Working area (rat)

250 (W) x 250 (D) x 250 (H) mm

Material Composition

Stainless steel, aluminium and methacrylate

Power Supply

110V/220V, 50/60Hz

Maximum number of stations (when working with PC)

8 stations connected to a PC

Connection of several units to PC

No need of PC interfaces!. Direct connection through one cable!


CE Compliant

Only one cable connects the Link Box to the LE85XCT Programmer or PC .