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Flexible software that fits your needs. Easily record the same scene from different angles, in sync.

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Media Recorder enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different video and audio sources at a time. Compatible with both The Observer XT and FaceReader , and a broad range of cameras, it is the ideal recording tool.


  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible software that fits your needs.
  • Versatile, extra equipment for mixing (PiP) or combining videos is not necessary.
  • High quality recordings at HD in MPEG-4 format.
  • Record videos with or without sound.
  • Accurate synchronization.
  • Robust software tool for recording and playback of videos.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8, 64 bit computers.

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Media Recorder can be used with the newest state of the art video recording technology. It is compatible with a broad range of high-quality digital cameras based on today's technologies, as well as analog systems. Using Media Recorder, you can easily record the same scene from different angles or record in up to eight rooms. This makes recordings fast and accurate!


Media Recorder is easy to operate which for example means that you can switch between different cameras and control them with your mouse or joystick. With IP cameras, pan-tilt-zoom is now possible: position the cameras precisely with a joystick. For example, you can record classroom interaction and use Media Recorder to combine the videos. The first camera is following the teacher and the other three cameras are following three children. The video cameras can be controlled with a joystick and recording can be started manually or another software package can be used to command the Media Recorder.


Fully integrated

The key to synchronization is integration. Files recorded with the Media Recorder can be used in The Observer XT making it a fully integrated package. Once you have set up a project in The Observer XT, all data and video material are stored in one database and shown in one software application. It gives you complete control over video, and guarantees a frame accurate link with your data. By controlling the Media Recorder from The Observer XT, you can manage all your data with one application. You can also start other tasks from The Observer XT, such as facial expression analysis with FaceReader. By using The Observer XT as the main project manager, you stay in control of your collected data.

Picture in Picture

When studying interactions from several different angles, it's helpful to see what your participants are looking at. Videos from four cameras can be combined into one file, so you can inspect your entire setup in one view. It is also possible to display up to three small video images in one main video image (Picture in Picture). You can choose the position and size of the embedded video images within the primary video display.

Record rapidly occurring behaviors

When you are studying rapidly occurring behaviors, it is ideal to record videos and code them afterwards with The Observer XT; the playback functionality of The Observer XT allows you to play back the videos at a low speed, and code behaviors in greater detail. With special cameras, you can even record up to 100 video frames per second. So you can record fast movements accurately; for example, for sports research.


Stand-alone option

You can use the Media Recorder as a stand-alone tool, or can run it on your computer in the lab, at home, or in a classroom to record, combine, and file your video recordings. Then use the video files later on your office computer running The Observer XT. This is an easy and efficient way to increase productivity (Media Recorder is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, 64 bit computers).

Complete solution

It is also possible to create your own solution or ask Noldus to assist you with designing the entire lab set-up as there are always numerous technological issues to consider.


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