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Ethovision XT (Noldus)

EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyses the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal. Without the use of sensors! It is a platform you can use for anything from straight-forward tracking to sophisticated protocols that control external devices.

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NEW in EthoVision XT 11

Version 11 is all about a good workflow: a clean overview, clear steps in the arena settings, automated detection settings, separation of advanced functionality from the main project work flow, and windows that you can reposition to make the program your own. Everyone from first time users to EthoVision XT experts will benefit.

Clean working area
With every new version we try to make EthoVision XT more powerful and intuitive. That means we develop more features and offer options, but it also means that the program should still be easy to work with, for both first time and experienced users. For the new EthoVision XT 11, we improved the ease-of-use further by making the software more adjustable to your personal preferences. For example, the way the software works is more intuitive and logical. If you want to, you can easily undock, reposition, and dock the windows, so that you can arrange your working area as you feel is practical.

Automated detection settings
The power of video tracking technology largely depends upon the detection of the animal. The more accurate the detection, the more accurate the information on the whereabouts and movement of that animal, and the more valuable the analysis results. No wonder this is a very important part of the set-up of your experiment. EthoVision XT has a powerful detection algorithm, and many different ways to optimize the detections settings.

True data integration
The new External Data Module allows you to not only import and visualize any kind of external data stream alongside the tracking and activity data, but to also truly integrate it. This means you can also use these data to base your data selection on and it can be analyzed in conjunction with all the other parameters.

Improved workflow with DanioVision
DanioVision is powered by EthoVision XT, and now EthoVision XT includes a special DanioVision mode, with some parts of the program adjusted and optimized for use with the DanioVision Observation Chamber. For example, there is a dedicated subject-detection method for studies done in 96-well plates, which automatically detects each zebrafish larvae.

Automatic Rat Behavior Recognition
An effective method to automatically recognize ten rat behaviors. Accurate, consistent, and tireless. Read more here.


EthoVision XT in 30 seconds(YouTube)

EthoVision XT Visualization(YouTube)

EthoVision XT powerful detection(YouTube)

Automatic Rat Behavior Recognition software(YouTube)

New clean working area in EthoVision XT 11(YouTube)

EthoVision XT 11 automated detection settings(YouTube)

EthoVision XT Video tracking - Data acquisition(YouTube)


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