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Bussey Mouse Touch Screen Chamber Package(Campden)

The fully validated chambers are supported by ready to run ABET II Touch Paradigms including images, and a Whisker ® Server-based Controller for up to four test chambers. Also provide the ability for the user to write own scheduling, with web-based training. ABET II Touch software gives you ease of use, programming power, data analysis, versatility, and flexibility.

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Dr. Tim Bussey's profile at the University of Cambridge.


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  • Add to the chamber, many options for different shaped walls and configurations, different floors, pellet or liquid reward, ambulatory I/R beams, I/R observation systems, and sound attenuation cubicles
  • ABET II Touch software resides on the WhiskerServer Controller. One Controller can control up to 4 chambers
  • Paradigms from Bussey’s lab [Cognitive Systems Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Cambridge, England] are available as pre-programmed ABET II Touch schedules
  • Touch screen units are modified and optimized for use with rodents; all technology is research-validated and scientifically proven in Bussey's Lab
  • Easy-Installation Kit keeps the wiring neat and tidy to get you up and running quickly and impress your regulatory inspector
  • Beginner packages includes the starter chamber, trapezoidal walls, perforated floor, reward trough, touch screen and sound attenuating cubicle with slide out tray

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Touch screen paradigms: 

  •  Visual Discrimination and Reversal (VDR)
  • Paired Associate Learning (PAL)
  • Location Discrimination (LD)
  • Visuospatial Conditional Learning (VCL)
  • 5-choice Serial Reaction Time Task (5-CSRT)
  • Trial-Unique Nonmatching-to-Location (TUNL) [rat only at this time]
  • Autoshaping
  • Extinction


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