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Automated Tube Test

Complete system to investigate social dominance and social hierarchies

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The Tube Test is a well-known test paradigm designed to measure (altered) social dominance and investigate social hierarchies in mice (Lindzey et al., 1961). Traditionally, data are collected by human observers. The Automated Tube Test is a novel apparatus that fully automates the validated tube test procedures. This hardware-software combination:

  • offers clear advantages over manual observation;
  • gives reproducible, reliable, and objective data;
  • measures an abundance of relevant parameters;
  • does not allow animals to injure each other;
  • only requires limited human intervention;
  • is ready-to-go; no additional data acquisition components are required;
  • and provides guidance in setting up experiments and analyzing data.

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Several advantages over manual tube test procedure

  • The manual tube test procedure may lead to inter-experimenter differences. The Automated Tube Test is highly automated, resulting in objective, reliable, and reproducible data.
  • Visual observation of mice within a tube is labor-intensive - The Automated Tube Test requires only limited human intervention allowing high throughput measurement of social dominance behavior.
  • Manual registration of the identities and performance of all mice is cumbersome - these variables are registered and stored in the Automated Tube Test software.

The Automated Tube Test automates all steps in the test procedure. The hardware – consisting of a tube, two start boxes, transparent doors, air valves, and (IR) LED sensors- allows for mice passing through the tube comfortably, while their locations are monitored. The software provides control of the hardware components, continuous collection of the location of the mice, and detailed data analysis.

The user-friendly Automated Tube Test software provides an easy and efficient platform to set-up experiments and data analysis protocols. Data can be easily exported to your favorite statistical analysis software package.

The complete tube can be tilted in between tests in order to conveniently clean the walking surface. Platforms in the start boxes provide an easy way to lift the animals out of the apparatus when a training session or match has ended.

The Automated Tube Test requires minimal set-up time since no additional data acquisition components are needed.
The Automated Tube Test has been developed by Dictus Systems. Noldus is the worldwide exclusive distributor of the Automated Tube Test.


Automated Tube Test - training session(YouTube)

Automated Tube Test - match(YouTube)


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